Card FAQs

Wall Street Exchange MasterCard Gift Card

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Wall Street Exchange Gift Card?

Available to all, with no bank account needed, the WSE gift card is a MasterCard gift card that is ideal for

  • Gifting friends
  • Pocket money for children by Parents
  • Educate kids on financial basics
  • Petty cash
  • Procurement
  • Domestic and international expenses
  • Cash-out payments
  • Reparation and compensation payments
  • Payment of bonus or sales incentives
  • Allowances

Where can I use my WSE MasterCard Gift Card?

The WSE Gift Card is a MasterCard card and you can use your card everywhere MasterCard is accepted around the world and online.

Is WSE gift card a reloadable card?

No, this card is a non-reloadable card.

Do I need a bank account?

No, anyone is eligible for a card.

How can I check my balance?

Call +971 4 2935814.

Where is the PIN?

Find your card’s default PIN number beneath the scratch panel inside the pack.

What is my security code to login to the website?

To login to the website enter your card number followed by 7562 for your security code. 7562 is a default security code. Once you’ve logged in, you can select your own Security Code.

Can I use my card at ATMs?

No, the WSE MasterCard gift card cannot be used at ATMs.

When is my card loaded?

The card gets loaded instantly at the time of purchase and load.

Where can I buy it?

All the Wall Street Exchange Branches in the UAE

Do I need to activate my card?

No, your card is already activated when it is loaded.

How can I get this card?
  • Choose one of your nearest  Wall Street Exchange Branch
  • Ask for a WSE Gift card from the cashier
  • Show your Emirates ID
  • Pay cash to buy and load the WSE gift Card
  • Register in the website for future references
  • Start Spending (Retail purchases, Online purchases etc.)
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