Gold Card

Gold Card

Go For Gold

Wall Street Gold Card is a customer friendly card with the following features:

  1. It acts as a compliance card since the ID details of the customer are obtained upfront and hence there would be no need to provide any ID when doing a transaction repeatedly.
  2. It is a permanent card. There is no expiry date. One time fee of Aed 10/- will be charged for the Gold Card.
  3. Any number of beneficiaries can be added at the time of issuance itself. This would facilitate doing the transactions at a later date without going through the details again.
  4. The statement of account from the Gold Card is available at any time and from any branch should you so require.
  5. Any branch of Wall Street would be able to process your transaction based upon the provided details.
  6. Every 4th Instant Cash transaction (this being a cash product) would be entitled to a discount on charges.
However, including all this Wall Street feels proud to reward their regular customers and Gold Club members with many new benefits.

Hurry up! Fill up the form and grab your card from any of the Wall Street Outlets.

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