Travel Advice

Travel Advice

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Wall Street wishes you a safe and pleasant journey. And because we care about you, we are providing you with important advice before you go on holiday. Bon Voyage!

Travel advice
Do you have copies of important documents? Always make sure that you carry a copy of important documents and information including your passport, insurance, airline tickets, credit card information, itinerary, contact details, etc. Leave a copy with your family and friends as well.
Is your passport and visa valid? Arrange for your passport and visa ahead of time. Make sure your passport is valid for at least six months at return date.
Did you pack your medicine? Bring a first-aid kit and all your required medicine in your carry-on luggage together with your prescriptions and GP's letter. Also, check if the country you're visiting requires vaccinations for certain diseases.
Did you pack properly? Don't overstuff your bags. That makes it more likely to be damaged. Make sure that your luggage tags contain your name and contact information.
Do you have enough money? Check the validity, expiry dates and cash available on your credit or debit cards and make sure you have back-up funds such as Euros , Sterling or US Dollars.
Do you know the foreign exchange rate? It's a good idea to know the currency and rates in the country you're visiting, so you can bring local currency before you travel.
How well do you know the place you're visiting? Get a good guidebook of the places you intend to visit. Find out its customs, do's and don'ts, common phrases, etc.
Is your flight on time? On the day of your flight, call the airline to confirm if your flight will fly on schedule. Then make sure you reach the airport well ahead of time.
Are you travelling comfortably? Wear loose, comfortable clothing and shoes for your flight. Also book your seat earlier to get a comfortable one.
Are your valuables safe at home? Store all your valuables at home in a safe place. Then check that electricity, water and gas are plugged off before you leave.

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